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(This is a TRUE Story, No Names have been changed)


Prelude: We had already spent about three days trying to figure out how 8 of us could drive to Florida in a 7 Passenger Van, with 2 Kids under 4 yrs old. Forget it I said, I’ve heard you can get Airfare for $90. pp ………. and so it began ……………


Step 1: I started out by checking all of the possible combinations and prices. From London, Toronto, Hamilton, Detroit or Buffalo. Going to Orlando, Daytona Beach or Melbourne. Flying down on Fri or Sat and returning on Sat or Sun. Also with considerations to different Airlines and Baggage Costs. This took about 8 hrs, in CYBERSPACE, but I was sure that this was a smart and organized approach. I found some flights from Detroit and Buffalo in / out of Orlando for around $100. pp each way.

Now I would let the Family decide what looked the best for each Family group.

Decisions were made, 5 would fly from of Detroit, 3 from Buffalo.


Step 2: Next day, I booked the flight for 5 from Detroit to Orlando for $200. pp, this had doubled since I looked at it yesterday, but I said “WHAT THE HECK” and I booked it. Then I checked the return flight, it had tripled to $300. pp

Now it would Cost $2500. for 5 people in / out of Detroit. I said “NO DARN WAY!

I didn’t book the Return Flight and I cancelled the Down Flight.

It started to feel like something was trying to beat me at a GAME, but it had all the Information before I did, and Glitches on it’s side.

“Two can play this game” I said, talking to my Computer, who was MY OPPONENT in this CYBERSPACE GAME.

Brent had already booked his flights for $750. for 3 in / out of Buffalo and I was not going to let him Beat Me, by that much $Money, in the CYBERSPACE GAME.


Step 3: I started over. I rechecked from London, Toronto, Hamilton or Buffalo. Going to Orlando, Daytona Beach or Melbourne.

I found an $88. pp from Buffalo to Melbourne. I found a $95. pp from Orlando back to Buffalo.

PERFECT, $1000. for 5 in / out of Buffalo, I’m a Winner (I found these after playing only 4 more hrs in the CYBERSPACE GAME).

Or was MY OPPONENT in the CYBERSPACE GAME setting me up for another Trick or Glitch?


Step 4: I had to start thinking ahead, trying to predict MY OPPONENT ‘S moves in advance. I had previously paid $1000. on Visa, but just in case, I had better pay another $1000., so that this would not be something she could use. Yes, I had determined that MY CYBERSPACE GAME OPPONENT was a Woman, only a Woman would treat a Guy like this, making him change his mind, to do it her way. I also took some time to describe the CYBERSPACE GAME to Diane, her being a Woman I thought she might know some Tricks that I hadn’t thought of, she did, she said “Just Book the F……rigging things” before they go up again”.


Step 5: I FRANTICALLY started booking these SONS OF B………S. But it was too late again, MY OPPONENT had made another move. the flights had gone to $129. but I still tried to grab them. Then, SHE made a Trick move, the Online Booking Form wouldn’t accept my Visa, It kept saying Invalid Information (If someone stole my Visa number it would work Great).

I thought this must be a problem with the Online Booking Form, MY OPPONENT must have Glitched it. So I called the Airlines directly, trying my own Trick move. I called 1-800-airlines, pressed 1, pressed 3, pressed 2, pressed 5 and then listened to music for 20 min. Finally I got her, the first human voice in over 48 Hrs. I explained the situation, the money was there, but there must be a problem with your Online Booking Form. “I’ll report that” she said, “and I can book your flights right now” Great, I’m beating MY OPPONENT and she doesn’t even know it because I’m Offline. Then she said “there will be a $25. booking fee”. I said “That’s fine”. She said “That will be $25. pp per flight, an additional $250. above the Online Booking Price. What do you think I said “F…………………..orget it!”


MY OPPONENT  had beaten me for the second day in a row, but the game was not over. I drank 6 Canadians, watched a Movie and went to Bed, dreaming about the CYBERSPACE GAME and MY OPPONENT, she was one UGLY B ………!


Step 6: I got up early the next morning, to play the CYBERSPACE GAME again. First I had to find out what was going on with my Visa. So I called 1-800-royalbank, pressed 1, pressed 3, pressed 2, pressed 5 and then listened to music for 20 min. Then a girl answered and she said “This is the Royal Bank, you need to call Visa”.

Then I realized that who ever I got on the Phone would be sitting on a Computer and their Information could be coming from MY CYBERSPACE GAME OPPONENT, she was HUGE, but I continued playing. I called 1-800-royalvisa, pressed 1, pressed 3, pressed 2, pressed 5 and then listened to music for 20 min. (thinking while I was waiting “She’s Not Going To Beat Me”, “What Could She Try Next”, “I’m Prepared For Anything She Has”). And then the next girl answered, and said “Can you give me your Security Answer”, I said “Sure, What’s the Question”, she said “I can’t tell you that”, and I said “ Then how would I know the Answer”, then she said “Just take a Guess” and I said “My Favorite Pet was Willie, My mother’s Name was Mary”, then she said “No and No”. Finally she asked me how much I owed on my Visa, I told her and she said “Oh I think your Tim, how can I help you”, she then checked my account. I guess that in my race against the MY OPPONENT I had paid the $1000. payment and with only two more mouse movements I had apparently taken a $1000. Cash Advance back to my checking account. “A HA there’s the problem”, she said with such sincerity, I actually believed she cared, maybe it was my CRYING. Then she said, “I’ve fixed it and your good to go, have a nice Trip”. I thanked her and said she come to Florida with me and the Family ………. and she said “That would have worked as your Security Answer”.


Step 7: I had a renewed confidence now. Then MY OPPONENT made her last move, she was raising the Price when I tried to book all 5 people at the same time, so countered back by booking 3 then 2 and she only raised the Price on the last 2. I had did it, got the flights for $139. avg. pp. A total of $1400. for 5 people, only $400. more than 2 days ago. I felt that I had won the CYBERSPACE GAME and beaten MY OPPONENT. She would have to come up with some new Tricks & Glitches for the next GAME.

Then, as I Restarted my Frozen Computer I said to it ……. “NEXT TIME SEND A MAN!”



PS 1: Now I’m just waiting to sit beside some A ….. H ……. on the Plane that say’s “I can’t believe I got this Flight for $88.”. ………

And I’ll say ……. SO DID I.


PS 2: Now It’s time to book a Rental Car, I heard they were only $20. a day in Florida ………. I’m starting to get Chest Pains again.



Submitted by: Tim Tennant



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