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Ray’s Comments:

I have been a believer in magnetic energy for some time.

I was first attracted to this by watching videos of electricity being generated using magnets.

Last week I went to Sears to get a new watch band for my watch.

The repair shop at Sears had an alarm clock operated by water.

Basically it used two types of metal plates submerged in water which created a current like a battery

to generate enough current to run the alarm clock.


I was looking at energy sources and found Tesla information to be fascinating.

Tesla invented wireless communication before Marconi.

He invented AC Current which we use today.

He also invented wireless electricity using towers the same way we use cell phone towers today.


I came across this video. This video is off the wall out of this world and weird!!

But I know that there was a Philadelphia experiment and I know there was a Nicola Tesla

Believe it or not !!!


Nicola Tesla – My Space



Nicola Tesla – You Tube



The Philadelphia Story

Part 1



Part 2



Part 3



Part 4



Part 5



This article shows the Tesla Electric car in 1931, It got power from electricity in the air from an antenna




Ray’s Comments:

This stuff should be filed under weird stories.

How much is real and how much is believable is all perspective.


I do believe that electricity has been generated much the same way for over a hundred years since Edison.

I believe that the utility companies have had a hold over users for many years,

the same way the oil companies have a hold over consumers.


In over 100 years you would think that there would improvements in these areas

the same way we see improvements in Computers or manufacturing or farming for example.

But yet we are still generating and using electricity the same way.

Solar and wind energy is still way out of line for the average home owner to try and use.


Tesla created free electricity but the utilities and for that matter government had no way to control it

so they refuted Tesla’s work and went with Edison

in the same way they strayed away from electric motor vehicles.

In the early 1900’s to the gas powered vehicles. The electric vehicles had two problems.

First was the battery size and the second was power.

Had they went with Tesla you wouldn’t need batteries and the power would have evolved

the way gasoline engines did.

The first Model T didn’t go over 20 miles per hour.

Gas engines evolved over time to be much faster and more efficient.




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