Type: TEXT – Joke

Content: FAMILY



A man dies and goes to hell

He finds out that there is a different hell for each country


He decided to check out a few countries to see what

The different hells were


He starts out in Germany

In that country you start every day by first

Sitting in an electric chair for one hour

Then they lay you on a bed of nails for another hour

Then the German Devil comes in and beats you up for the rest of the day


He went to several other countries and found that it was the same

The only difference was that they had their own devil fir each country


Finally he comes across Pakistan Hell and there is a huge line up

Amazed at the line up he asked what they did in Pakistan Hell

He was told that first they put you in an electric chair for an hour

Then make you lay on a bed of nails for an hour

And then the Pakistan Devil comes in and beats you up for the rest of the day


So he asked a Guy:

That’s exactly the same as all the rest of the Countries,

So why is everyone lined up here?


The Guy told him:

First the Maintenance is so bad that the Electric Chair doesn’t work

Someone Stole all the Nails from the Bed

And the Pakistan Devil is a former Government Worker

He just Signs In and then goes to the Coffee Shop!



Submitted by: Ray Tennant



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