Type: TEXT – Joke

Content: PG-13



Ted & Beaver go into a Bar.

They get terribly Drunk and start betting on things.

Ted looses the last bet and puts a $5 bill in Beaver’s shirt pocket.

While they’re waiting for a Cab home, Ted throws up, all over Beaver’s shirt.

Beaver is all upset, say’s Marian is not going to believe he didn’t throw up on his own shirt.

Ted feels bad and puts another $5. bill in Beaver’s shirt pocket,

he say’s he’s sorry, that’s for the dry cleaner’s to clean your shirt.


Beaver gets home, Marian see’s him, and she is disgusted with him.

Beaver pulls out a $5 bill and explains that Ted threw up on his shirt

and paid him $5 to get it dry cleaned.

Beaver pulls out the other $5 bill and Marian say’s what’s that one for?

Beaver say’s …… he SHIT My Pants Too!



Submitted by: Tim Tennant



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